Application for discharge without conviction

We understand that having a criminal conviction can have consequences for careers and employment prospects, overseas travel and personal reputations. 

In some cases, an application to the Court for a discharge without conviction may be appropriate.  As an example, such an application could be filed where a person may lose their job if they were convicted of a minor offence.

In some cases, a person may plead guilty to a criminal offence and then apply to the Court for a discharge without conviction.  An application can also be filed where a person has been found guilty of an offence following a trial. 

The Sentencing Act 2002 can allow a person to avoid a criminal conviction where the direct or indirect consequences of a criminal conviction outweigh the seriousness of the offence they have committed. 

We have particular expertise in the preparation and filing of the formal written application and affidavit evidence that is required for a successful discharge without conviction application. 

We welcome all enquiries about these applications. 

We will advise you of your prospects of success in making such an application before any preparation work is done. 

Our team at Tony Balme Law is experienced and has filed many successful applications for discharge without conviction for our clients over the years.

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