Release on bail is often the first crucial issue for a person charged with an offence when they come before the Court.

Failure to gain a release on bail will mean a remand in prison which can be a devastating experience. To increase your chances of obtaining bail, particularly where bail is opposed by the Police or the Crown, expert representation is essential.

Sometimes bail conditions are imposed by the Police or the Court which are unworkable, unnecessary or which you may consider to be unfair. Conditions can be changed either through negotiation with the Police or the Crown, or by making an application to the Court for a Judge to decide.

In cases where release on standard bail conditions is not possible, or where bail has earlier been refused, an application for release on electronically monitored bail (EM bail) is an option. EM bail involves the wearing of an electronic anklet which is monitored and requires a person to live at an approved bail address. An application for EM bail requires a formal application to the Court.

At Tony Balme Law we routinely prepare and advance applications for standard bail on appropriate conditions, for EM bail and to obtain variations of existing bail conditions.

Criminal prosecutions often take many months to resolve. A remand during that period on suitable bail conditions is something that we work very hard to achieve on behalf of our clients.

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