Name Suppression

We appreciate that being charged with a criminal offence can be a stressful and anxious time for you and your family. Added to that distress is the potential hardship that can be caused by publication of your name and details of your case.

Being publicly identified as someone who is charged with, or convicted of a criminal offence can impact on a defendant's reputation, employment, business interests, personal health and family members.

The law in relation to name suppression has recently changed so that it is now more difficult for someone who has been charged with, or convicted of, an offence, to obtain name suppression. A defendant now must establish that publication of their name and details will be likely to cause extreme hardship to them personally, or will cause undue hardship to others.

An application for name suppression usually requires a formal written application to the Court supported by evidence outlining the reasons why suppression is sought.

At Tony Balme Law, we can provide you with sound advice as to your grounds and prospects for advancing a successful name suppression application. Our team is considerably experienced in the preparation of applications for suppression and in advancing those applications.

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