Our Services

Our specialist defence lawyers can advise you and
represent you with all the following types of criminal cases:

  • Bail applications and applications for variation of bail

  • Bail appeals

  • Applications for electronically-monitored bail - "EM Bail"

  • Jury trials and Judge-alone trials in the District Court and High Court for cases involving:

    • Aggravated robbery and robbery

    • Arson

    • Assaults and serious violence

    • Breach of protection orders

    • Burglary and receiving

    • Dishonesty and fraud

    • Drug offences

    • Kidnapping

    • Murder and manslaughter

    • Sexual offences including sexual violation by rape

    • Theft
  • Sentencing in the District Court and High Court

  • Applications for discharge without conviction
  • Applications for name suppression

  • Opposition to Crown applications under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009

  • Traffic prosecutions:

    • Drink driving

    • Careless and reckless driving including cases involving injury or death

    • Sustained loss of traction

    • Driving while disqualified

    • Removal of disqualification
  • Applications for Limited Licenses (Work Licences) and Interlock Licences
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