Traffic Cases

We offer expert advice about the full spectrum of traffic cases that come before the Court.

These range from traffic manslaughter cases and cases involving death and injury, through to lower level cases such as careless driving and infringement offences.

In particular, we assist in the following areas:


Traffic cases often give rise to technical defences. We can assist you in identifying and conducting these defences. Often crash and other experts need to be instructed by us on your behalf and briefed in relation to your case. We have a panel of experts that we work with in appropriate cases.


Imprisonment is often the starting point for serious and repeat driving offences.

We can assist you through this difficult process with the aim of achieving the best possible sentencing outcome.

The full range of sentences apply to traffic cases, from lengthy terms of imprisonment through to discharge without conviction.


Disqualification from driving can have a devastating effect on people's day-to-day lives. Disqualifications can have huge implications for work and family commitments.

We offer the required expertise to advise you through this complex area of law that has many overlapping provisions. Among these provisions are the following areas where we can help:

  • Limited Licences

We can assist in getting you back driving for work and other purposes. We pride ourselves on being able to achieve good workable Limited Licence orders for our clients.

  • Other relief from disqualification

There are a number of provisions in the Land Transport Act that can result in either avoiding or reducing periods of disqualification.

This can involve special reasons relating to the offence, the option of no further disqualification being imposed in certain cases and early removal of disqualification.

  • Interlock Licences

There are new provisions in the Land Transport Act that enable shortened disqualifications of only 3 months, and after that time, the ability to drive on an "Interlock" Licence.

This can be a particularly important provision for repeat offences where a Limited Licence would not otherwise be available.

Confiscation of motor vehicles

Confiscation of motor vehicles is often a consequence of second or repeat driving offences.

Confiscation can be challenged where issues of hardship arise and may avoid the loss of a valuable or essential family work vehicle.

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