Entry of Plea

The trial process is commenced by the entry of a not guilty plea.

Under the Criminal Procedure Act, a plea is required at a very early stage, often within 2 to 3 weeks of being charged.

A crucial early decision often has to be made as to whether that trial will take place in front of a Judge alone, or in front of a Judge and jury. Critical to that process is obtaining early and full disclosure from the prosecution and giving accurate advice as to the best trial path to choose.

Pre Trial Matters

In the period of months leading up to trial there are always pre-trial issues that need to be identified, negotiated and may need to be ruled on by a Judge.

With our experience, we are able to identify these pre-trial issues, advise on them and get them resolved.

Trials are often won or lost in the pre-trial phase and it is essential that the case that goes to hearing has been properly shaped so that only relevant and admissible evidence is before the Court.

Conduct of Trial

Whether it be a jury trial or a Judge alone trial, we bring a lot of experience to the table.

Tony has over 30 years of trial experience during which time he has conducted several hundred jury trials.

Taryn also has extensive trial experience having been involved as lead counsel in the conduct of over 80 jury trials both as a prosecutor and a defence lawyer. Taryn has also appeared as junior counsel for the Crown in several murder trials and cases involving serious drug and methamphetamine offending.

Our trial system is an adversarial system which involves a contest between the prosecution and defence. It is vital to have the best possible preparation and presentation to succeed. We believe that our level of experience and our ability to see a case from both sides of the fence provides a real advantage to our clients.

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